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NPMA Certification - Frequently Asked Questions
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NPMA Certification - Frequently Asked Questions

Policies and procedures

Q: Where can I see all the NPMA Certification Program Policies and Procedures?
All the NPMA Certification Program Policies and Procedures can be found here.


Q: Do exams have expiration dates?
Yes. All exams expire 90 days from the date of purchase. If you purchase two modules at the same time, their expiration dates are staggered with the first exam expiring in 90 days and the second expiring in 180 days.


Q: My exam is about to expire and I haven't been able to arrange a meeting with my proctor so I can take my exams. What now?

Email and ask for a one-time extension for your exam. 

Q: I have access to a manual from a co-worker/chapter, is it necessary for me to purchase the same manual?
You can use the same manual, but you should make sure that it is still up to date. Please note however that if you haven't paid the $85 administration fee,  you will have to pay it as part of your purchase of the CPPS Module 1 and CPPA Module 3 exams.

Q: What is the recommended amount of study time before taking the exams?
We recommend at least one month of studying the Manual before taking the exam(s).


Q: I will be attending an NPMA Certification Review Course. Is it necessary to study prior to attending?
Yes. We recommend at least one month of study prior to attending the course. The exam questions come directly from the manuals.


Q: If I know of or witness a violation in the testing program by an individual, who do I contact and can I remain anonymous?

Please contact certification. You can remain annonymous.



Q: Do I need to find a proctor before I can pursue any of the certifications?

You are required to choose a proctor when purchasing the exams. If you don't have a proctor, you can choose Proctor Placehold - Lisa Williams and type the name of your proctor in the additional comments section of the payment screen. 


Q: How do I find a proctor?

Proctors are not assigned. Members can search here for a proctor near them. Locate one near you and contact them to see if they can proctor your exam. Once you have a proctor with a compatible schedule you can order your exams. 


Q: There's no proctor in my area. Can I recruit a proctor?

Yes, if there is no approved proctor in your area, you can recruit a proctor. You can, for example, recruit someone from your HR or Training Department to serve in this role. Please note that a proctor cannot be in your direct line of supervision - they can't supervise you nor can you supervise them.


Proctor applicants must be approved before they can serve. Anyone considering the role must review the Proctor Manual and complete the Proctor Application. They should also know that this is a volunteer position and they will not become a member. They cannot accept payment for proctoring.


Certified Professional Property Manager (CPPM)

Q: I've worked in property related positions for over 10 years; can I take only the CPPM test since I have the qualifying years?
No. The certification program is progressive. To achieve the CPPM you must pass CPPS Modules I & II, CPPA Modules III & IV, and then the CPPM Situational Judgment Exam. 

Work Experience Summaries 

Q: Can I submit my work summary after taking the CPPA and/or CPPM exams?
Technically your Work Summary must be approved before in order to meet the qualifications to achieve the CPPA and/or CPPM. If you successfully take the required exams for the CPPA or CPPM certifications, you will not be awarded the certification until after you have an approved work summary.

Q: Can I submit my resume as my work summary?
No. You must submit the Work Experience Summary form from our website and submit it here.


Q: How do I complete my work summary? Where do I submit it?

Information about completing and submitting the Work Summary is here.


Q: When filling out the work experience summary does each of the 7 functions have to have the minimum years? (3 for CPPA and 6 for CPPM)
Yes. You must have performed duties under each of the seven different functional areas for the minimum years required. On the form, you will see a place where you are to write a paragraph explaining what you've done in each area. Please do not use vague language and please do not copy and paste the same language for multiple functions. The functional areas are defined here.

Q: I have done all 15 property functions in my career; why does the form only allow for 7 functions?
The form is designed to be processed in the most efficient way possible. The reviewers will only review the minimum number of functions necessary.

Certification expiration and renewal 

Q: Once I achieve my certification, does it expire?
Yes. The CPPS, CPPA and CPPM expire 5 years from the issue date.For information about renewing your certification, please visit the certification renewal page.

Q: Once I achieve my CPPM certification, do I have to renew both my CPPA and CPPM certifications?

No. Once you achieve CPPM certification it overrides your CPPA certification. You must renew 5 years from the CPPM issue date.


Q: How do I renew my certification? Are there specific requirements?

For information about renewal visit the certification renewal page.

Certificates and Lapel Pins 

Q: I achieved a certification. Do I receive a certificate?
Yes. You will receive an email with a .pdf of your certificate. The email gives you the option to request a hard copy certificate and lapel pin at no cost. Your chapter president will be copied on the email so that he/she can contact you about possibly recognizing your achievement.


Q: Can I get a replacement certificate?

Yes. You can order replacement certificates online here. There is a replacement fee of $5 for members and $25 for non-members. To order a replacement certificate, visit the store.


Q: Can I get a replacement lapel pin?

Yes. You can order  replacement lapel pins here. There is a replacement fee of $6 per pin for members and $10 per pin for non-members. To order a replacement lapel pin, visit the store.


Certification Status Verification

Q: My employer wants the details about my certification. Where can I get them? Can my employer contact NPMA for this information?

NPMA can provide this information to your employer with your permission. Please complete this online form granting NPMA permission to share your information.


Your employer can also provide us with a document signed by you and granting this permission or you can email us asking to send the verification to your employer (including the contact email to whom we should send the information).


Via email, we can provide the date of the certification issue, the certificate number and the expiration date.

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