Name: Vernon Morrison

Position Sought: Western Region Secretary

Chapter: Great Salt Lake Chapter

Length of Membership: 2.5 Years

Position: Property Specialist

Employer: L3 Technologies


Yes – I plan to participate in any activity for which I would receive payment from NPMA during my term of office.


The experience I would bring to the office of secretary for NPMA.

·       Well organized and efficient

·       Knowledge of office procedures

·       Continuous learning of Government property

·       Strong customer service ethic

·       Recorded minutes for professional meetings

·       Prepared and distributed agendas for meetings with actionable

·       Maintain records with high accuracy

·       Published author in NMPA magazine “the importance of tenacity”


Mission goals as secretary for NPMA

·       Promote NPMA

·       Promote knowledge of government property and why it is different

·       Collaborate with other chapters on how they reach for perfection