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NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2018, Issue 04 January 24, 2018
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

January is Fleet Management Awareness Month

NPMA invites you to participate in our annual Fleet Management Awareness Month! Register now for the following free webinars:

DLA Energy Support to Non-DOD Customers
Thursday, January 25 at 2 PM EDT
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Fleet Professional of the Week

Insight from Dante Tan, CFFM

Fleet management in the Federal sector has evolved into a complex discipline in recent years as unfunded Federal Sustainability mandates add to the already difficult challenges in meeting agency mission objectives, from acquisition, operations, maintenance and disposal actions, to fleet right-sizing/right-typing, and statutory and regulatory compliance. Currently, neither the Office of Personnel Management nor Federal Agencies consider fleet management as a core competency. As a result, the pipeline for this critical job comes from various disparate General Schedule series with varying degrees of knowledge, skills and abilities, a non-standardized mix that does not always guarantee success as a Federal Fleet Manager. A new General Schedule Series that recognizes Federal Fleet Management as a core competency should be established.

To fill the competency gap, Federal Fleet Managers must leverage currently-available Federal Fleet certification programs, such as, National Property Management Association’s. In addition, they should expand their knowledge base and awareness of evolving fleet policy matters and industry trends by participating in forums, such as, General Services Administration’s Motor Vehicle Executive Council and Federal Energy Management Program’s Interfuel. Finally, a framework for networking and collective learning, such as, a Federal Fleet Management Community of Practice, should be established.


Blockchain Logistics Applications – Free Webinar

The Hospitals and Medical Facilities SIG is sponsoring a free webinar on Thursday, February 22 at 2 EDT.

The advent of bitcoin in the financial industry has brought the underlying technology to the forefront and its applicability to the supply chain and logistics industry. This brief will focus on defining the blockchain functionality applicable to medical supply chains, its benefits and characteristics, and provide key definitions that are driving the excitement in the market. Practical examples will be presented; including asset tracking, shipping, and pharmaceuticals traceability. Contact Will Toler to sign up.

Upcoming Property and Fleet Certification Courses

The next few months are jam packed with opportunities to achieve certification. Check out NPMA’s calendar of events to learn more about the following:

Property Certification

January 29 – 31: Melbourne, FL
February 21 – 23: Scottsdale, AZ
March 5 – 7: Fairfax, VA

April 21 – 23: Baltimore, MD

April 24: Baltimore, MD

Fleet Certification

March 20 – 22: Honolulu, HI

April 9-11: San Diego, CA

February 2 – 4: Arlington, VA
April 9-11: San Diego, CA

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