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NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2018, Issue 03 January 17, 2018
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

January is Fleet Management Awareness Month

NPMA invites you to participate in our annual Fleet Management Awareness Month! Register now for the following free webinars:

Panel Discussion: Experience with VLD Reporting
Tuesday, January 23 at 2 PM EDT
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DLA Energy Support to Non-DOD Customers
Thursday, January 25 at 2 PM EDT
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Fleet Professional of the Week

Ira Pray, CFFM

What one tip or lesson learned would you like to share with the fleet community?
Use of telematics in a modern fleet program is essential. If you are hesitant to try telematics due to costs, training, familiarity or even plain old stubbornness, I highly recommend adapting this technology. Our fleet consists of 1,100 various pieces of equipment from 120-ton mobile cranes to over-the-road motor coaches to small tractors and all types in between, and I cannot imagine trying to operate our fleet without telematics. I was reluctant to adapt the use of telematics due to a lack of understanding the benefits. All I saw were increased costs and micromanaging my mechanics and operators. Since I made the move about five years ago, I have seen cost reductions on my maintenance intervals and increased equipment utilization.

How can NPMA support growth in the fleet community?
The Fleet certification process that NPMA is offering is a tremendous asset to the fleet community. The multilevel training is a tremendous value to the fleet professionals within my organization. The entry-level certification, Certified Federal Fleet Specialist (CFFS), should be a mandatory class for anybody working within the fleet world. This class covers rules and regulations that all fleet managers need to comply with as well as industry fleet best practices. The course also provides the answers to many of the “why” questions that nonfleet or property folks may ask. With this course as a fleet professional, you can educate others on the legal and best-practice requirements for fleet operation.

What advice would you give someone new to fleet management?
Fleets are very expensive and cannot be managed as you would manage your personal car. Many people think they are fleet experts because they own and operate a car. To understand how to manage a fleet, get engaged in professional fleet associations, and maintain contacts to capture best practices and the use of new technology. As a fleet manager, I spend a tremendous amount of time educating senior leaders on the unique requirements of fleet management.

Upcoming Property and Fleet Certification Courses

The next few months are jam packed with opportunites to achieve certifciation. Check out NPMA’s calendar of events to learn more about he following:

Property Certification

January 29 – 31: Melbourne, FL
February 21 – 23: Scottsdale, AZ
March 5 – 7: Fairfax, VA

April 21 – 23: Baltimore, MD

April 24: Baltimore, MD

Fleet Certification

March 20 – 22: Honolulu, HI

April 9-11: San Diego, CA

February 2 – 4: Arlington, VA
April 9-11: San Diego, CA

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