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NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2018, Issue 02 January 10, 2018
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January is Fleet Management Awareness Month

NPMA invites you to participate in our annual Fleet Management Awareness Month! Register now for the following free webinar:

Fleet vs. Property Management Working Together
Wednesday, January 17 at 2 PM EDT
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Fleet Professional of the Week

Meet Patrick McConnell, CFFA

In fleet management, what is one thing you would like to see developed or improved?
Collection of accurate vehicle performance information has always been a challenge for managers, particularly for Federal fleet managers. So, I would like to see developed cheaper, yet more effective telematics in vehicles that can collect and share data with managers with minimal human dependency. In this day and age, we do have to worry about cyber-security issues, but the availability of such data will help managers make better decisions that can only improve the financial and performance health of their fleets.

How can NPMA support growth in the fleet community?

From my Federal perspective, the greatest contributions I think that NPMA offers, and I hope continues to offer and improve upon, are the Certified Federal Fleet Management training courses. Many of those involved in fleet management wear many hats with vehicles being secondary or even further down the list of duties. There are so many facets of Federal fleet management of which even many veteran managers are just not aware. These courses fill in the blanks. Managers at the State and local government-level, as well as the private sector, also wear many hats. So, I hope NPMA expands its fleet training to serve those portions of the fleet community as well.

What is the most interesting fleet vehicle you’ve ever been responsible for?
One of my activities over the years has been to help introduce alternative fuel vehicles to the Federal fleet. Toward that end, I was one of three drivers who drove a dedicated natural gas Ford Crown Victoria from Washington, DC, to Scottsdale, AZ back in 1998. There wasn't much room for luggage as two compressed natural gas cylinders took up the trunk. And the trip took meticulous planning to ensure we could find refueling facilities within the range of the vehicle. But we successfully demonstrated that such a long trip on an alternative fuel could be done. Of course, the alternative fuel landscape has changed significantly since that trip almost twenty years ago. Fortunately, alternative fuels, especially electricity, are now a permanent, viable part of the Federal fleet.

What advice would you give someone new to fleet management?
Do not be afraid of reaching out to your fleet managers. I have found the fleet community at any level to be a tight knit group willing to help mangers at any time. And there are no stupid questions! It is always better to ask than not.

Call for Speakers - 2018 National Educational Seminar

 The NPMA is Chicago-bound for the 2018 National Education Seminar (NES), August 6 - 9, 2018, and invites you to be a part of delivering this extraordinary educational experience. The Call for Presentations is open and we welcome your speaker submissions by Friday, January 12, 2018.

View full presentation information and requirements here and submit your session proposal here to participate as a presenter at the 2018 NES. If you would like to submit multiple proposals, an individual submission is required for each.

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