It’s Fleet Management Awareness Month!

NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2018, Issue 01 January 3, 2018
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

January is Fleet Management Awareness Month

NPMA invites you to participate in our annual Fleet Management Awareness Month! Register now for the following free webinars:

Fleet Speak
Thursday, January 4 at 2 PM EDT
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Home to work transportation workshop
Tuesday, January 9 at 2 PM EDT
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Fleet Professional of the Week

Meet Adam Stiegelmeier, CFFS

How can NPMA support growth in the fleet community?
I appreciate NPMA’s efforts in recent years to build up their training opportunities for fleet managers. The Certified Federal Fleet Specialist, Administrator, and Manager courses are especially beneficial. I am hoping that NPMA can continue to offer these courses and keep them up-to-date with the fleet industry and federal government regulations.

What one tip or lesson learned would you like to share with the fleet community?
In the midst of all the regulations, reporting, and compliance work you need to do, don’t forget what you’re ultimately in your position for—support the drivers on the ground who need vehicles to do their jobs.

What advice would you give someone new to fleet management?
Congratulations on your entry into a rewarding and unique occupation! Your work is unfamiliar to most people, and in particular, your leadership will need to be educated on the importance of the fleet to their organization and how to make sound fleet decisions. Take the time to explain to leadership your fleet requirements and the applicable laws and regulations. This will benefit you when they need to make decisions concerning the welfare of the fleet. Most leaders who have to make fleet decisions have a limited amount of exposure to fleet practices and regulations, so a very important part of your job will be to condense information into useful and actionable presentations. You’ll find that a significant amount of your time will be spent teaching people, especially those in leadership, how a fleet should be managed well.

If you could design your dream fleet vehicle, what would it be like?
My ideal vehicle is every fleet manager’s dream—a vehicle that never gets into accidents, always uses the right kind of fuel, updates its own information into online systems, and never loses a license plate!

Call for Speakers - 2018 National Educational Seminar

 The NPMA is Chicago-bound for the 2018 National Education Seminar (NES), August 6 - 9, 2018, and invites you to be a part of delivering this extraordinary educational experience. The Call for Presentations is open and we welcome your speaker submissions by Friday, January 12, 2018.

View full presentation information and requirements here and submit your session proposal here to participate as a presenter at the 2018 NES. If you would like to submit multiple proposals, an individual submission is required for each.

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