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Vol. 2017, Issue 35 September 5, 2017
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Announcing the 2017 Fleet Management Award Recipient

During the 2017 NES in Phoenix, Arizona, the 2017 Fleet Management Award was presented to Ira Pray, CFFA, fleet manager for the heavy vehicles in operation at the Idaho National Laboratory.

His recent projects contribute to the safety and security of all personnel who work at the INL as well as other Idaho drivers who indirectly benefit from the partnership between INL and Idaho DOT.

In 2016, he oversaw the implementation of Zonar Telematics on the INL bus fleet. This system also includes inspection verification devices and GPS tracking. The Zonar system allows near real time flow of data between dispatch, maintenance, and management personnel to better utilize assets and schedule workflow. It further provides auditable data verification of driver inspections as well as use profile during operation. In addition to utilizing Zonar as intended, it was also used to obtain significant amounts of data which was fed into a computer model to develop the most fuel efficient speed and throttle setting for a given GPS location.

Ira also helped to implement the INL road scout program. Several pickup trucks equipped with sensors for measuring road surface conditions, temperature, and other weather variables are deployed early in the morning when there is a risk of adverse road conditions. The data from these vehicles is fed to a central dispatch location as well as the Idaho Department of Transportation to support decisions related to road closures and the deployment of snow removal equipment. This program ensures that decisions are made utilizing highly accurate, real time information.

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The Journal of Property and Asset Management

NPMA presents the fourth edition of the Journal of Property and Asset Management (JPAM). JPAM is a prestigious electronic journal published by NPMA that features high quality academic research based articles. This issue of the JPAM presents to our profession three wonderful articles:

- Steve Holland presents a discussion of “Federal Property Accountability of Live Animals Used for Agency Missions” -- an area that most of us give short shrift to – but after a close reading will garner some new found attention.

- Amber Propert does a detailed analysis of the Contract Line Item Structure – another topic that we pay little attention to until it is desperately needed to solve some contractual issues related to Government property.

- And lastly, Kelly Marchese, Barbara Rosenbaum and Yvan Caceres provide us an article on Medical Warehousing Risk Management developed by the Hospitals and Medical Facilities SIG. A new topic for many of us!

We are “Kickin’ it up in Austin!” Special Grants Have Been Approved for the Fall Education Seminar

The Executive Board has approved limited additional grant funding for the FES in Austin. Even if you have reached your lifetime limit, or may not meet the criteria for a typical Foundation grant, we are accepting applications from all NPMA members. First come – First served! Applications must be submitted by September 16th. You could be “kickin’ it up in Austin” along with us!

The 2017 Fall Education Seminar (FES) is scheduled November 15-16 in Austin, Texas.

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