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NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2017, Issue 28 July 12, 2017
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

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NPMA is thrilled to launch the new My Learning system where you can have instant access to professional development, learning transcripts and specialty certificates!
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SIG Elections at NES

Hello NPMA Members-

Allow me to take a moment of your time to talk about Special Interest Groups- SIGs and opportunity for service as a SIG leader. In short, the SIGs are a place for NPMA members to exchange knowledge, get advice and support the NPMA community. This happens through the medium of the SIG boards which are accessed through the NPMA homepage. There are presently 11 SIGs, each dedicated to a specific discipline or field within the field of Property Management. Each SIG has a Chairperson (in some cases a co-Chair as well), and a Secretary who oversee the boards, moderate, schedule meetings (if any) and moderate discussions. Some SIGs hold meetings on a regular basis, and others meet only at NES, each according to the needs of the group and discretion of the SIG leadership. Functionally very similar in practice to how the Chapters are run. This year at NES the SIGs will be selecting new leadership for the next 2-year term. All boards run on the same election cycle, so if there’s one that you would like to get more involved in, NES this year will be your opportunity to take that leap into leadership! Just find the meeting on the schedule and let the chairperson know when you get there that you are interested in leading – no other formality is required. On top of being an opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills, becoming a SIG leader is also recognized by the Board of Fellows and counts as credit in the Service portion of the C. F. application. In addition to the experience and recognition from the C.F Board, the knowledge and expansion of your professional network will have a positive impact on your career and work life. If this sounds good to you, step out and get involved, the experience alone will be worth it! 

Best regards, 
Shawn Megaw, CPPS
National Director, SIGs

NES Raffle Tickets for Sale

NES pre-sale raffle tickets are back! Please print your tickets and follow instructions on sales and where to mail them.. Let us make this NES the best ever!!!

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