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Vol. 2017, Issue 03 January 18, 2017
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Fleet Professional Interview of the Week

Bill Toth
Director of GSA Fleet

Bill Toth is the U.S. General Services Administration’s Category Manager for the non-tactical motor vehicle category. He oversees GSA’s Fleet vehicle acquisition and leasing programs, which generates $3.0 billion annually in business volume. GSA Fleet provides safe, reliable, low-cost lease vehicles and economical fleet management services to federal agencies. The GSA vehicle acquisition program acquires all non-tactical vehicles for federal agencies, purchasing over 50,000 vehicles annually.

What are your top priorities as a fleet manager?
As a fleet manager, the number one thing I prioritize is the safety of agency drivers and others on the road. As the Director of GSA Fleet, with over 205,000 vehicles and an estimated one million drivers, I make sure that safety continues to be a top priority in our everyday commitment. GSA Fleet offers a Defensive Driving course at no additional cost for all our drivers. Over 230,000 drivers have taken the course since its inception in 2007. Additionally, GSA Fleet also created the Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System, a tool that provides law enforcement with Federal vehicle identification information providing not only driver safety, but supports national security. Appropriate replacement of our vehicles and maintaining the vehicles and tires in a timely manner, inclusive of recalls, are also extremely important for fleet safety.

Secondly, we strive to continually introduce unique and cost-saving fleet management solutions. For me, this is focused on saving the taxpayer money and reducing redundancies across the federal fleet. Often times reducing spend and inefficiencies means downsizing in the fleet industry, but it doesn’t have to.

As the GSA category manager of non-tactical vehicles, we are able to leverage shared best practices to provide solutions to customer agencies to ensure responsible spending. Three tools that GSA Fleet provides at no cost to help federal agencies rightsize their fleets are the Dispatch Reservation Module (DRM), FedFMS and Short Term Rental (STR) program.

GSA Fleets Dispatch Reservation Module (DRM) allows agencies to build vehicle motor-pools and make reservations online, similar to carsharing. FedFMS is an automated fleet management tool for agency owned vehicles that allows agencies to better control cost, establish utilization criteria, and manage fleet resources for maximum. The STR program supplies vehicles and equipment to all federal agencies to fulfill short term and temporary needs. STR saves procurement time and resources.

What one tip would you like to share with the fleet community?
The fleet industry is constantly changing. It is vital to keep abreast of the ever-changing technologies and trends, in addition to the mandates and regulations applicable to the federal fleet in particular. GSA Fleet is dedicated to keeping our customers as well as employees informed of the ever-changing fleet world. We offer our customers training through our online Desktop Workshops, one on one meetings with their local Fleet Service Representatives (FSRs) and an annual national in-person training at FedFleet. It is just as important to keep our FSRs informed. We offer regular internal Fleet Live sessions that educate and encourage discussions of the latest fleet news.

GSA Fleet is committed to keeping up with fleet trends and being a sustainability leader. We have paved the way for the federal fleet by piloting carsharing and collision avoidance systems, deploying electric vehicles and telematics, and exploring alternative fuels and idle mitigation technologies.

What is the most interesting fleet vehicle you’ve ever been responsible for?
GSA Fleet vehicles are used to support the missions of just about every federal agency. I have been honored to be a part of that support from assisting Marine Corps recruiters to Department of Agriculture food inspection services, VA hospitals, and the Department of the Army’s Base Operations support services to highlight just a few. Once I even received a call from the Smithsonian about transporting dinosaur fossils. Motor vehicles are essential for supporting emergency management, the continuity of government operations, and response to natural disasters such as forest fires, floods, earthquakes and tornados.

My favorite and perhaps most challenging vehicle that GSA Fleet has provided to date was dual purpose buses for the Veteran’s Administration hospitals. The VA was seeking custom buses to use for regular shuttle routes as well as patient transport. We worked with the VA to develop a transportation solution that is safe and reliable with comfortable handling and effective transport of mass casualty ambulatory and critical care patients. Over 250 buses were ordered for locations throughout the United States.

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