Congratulations Robert Holcombe!

NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2016, Issue 38 October 19, 2016
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Meet Robert Holcombe-
2016 Federal Property Person of the Year Award Recipient

What does this award mean to you?

It is always satisfying to be recognized for your work. Clearly, the award is for the good work that our office does in developing and explaining asset management policies to our federal agency customers. I'm not the only one pulling that load. Over the years, we've responded well to both urgent requirements and the routine, but necessary, updates to our regulations. Our office is well-placed to have a significant impact on the $1.5 Trillion worth of personal property assets, thankfully, we've been able to do our job well, hopefully listen well to our customers and stakeholders, and continually say that the Federal asset management program is just a little bit better today than yesterday.

What drives you to commit your time to NPMA?

Being in the Federal Center Chapter, we are continually learning from others in the Federal community that we might not otherwise be working with. And, of course, we like to be included in the discussions of thought-leaders who think outside the small boxes we all put ourselves in, and to learn from them, and to catch some of their vision. Finally, the association provides a touch-point so that we can always reach out to others and bounce ideas off them, and know that we all come from a common understanding of the importance of asset management.

What has NPMA done for your career?

The NPMA has given me, primarily through the certification program, the confidence that although I don't know it all, I have the same general understanding and appreciation for Federal asset management as most of my cohorts. The association has continually challenged me to learn new things, and broadened my understanding. Finally, it has shown me that rarely are problems unique to one agency, and discussing how we tackle those problems with our peers provides fodder for growth and professional excellence.

What advice for success would you give to someone new in asset management?

Jump in. I've heard it said that both the genius and the dullard make the same amount of mistakes; it's just that the genius makes all their mistakes EARLY, so that they know what works and what doesn't work, and can advance more quickly from there. More specifically, I'd suggest;
1. Getting involved with the development of standards (both ISO and ASTM are good examples);
2. Become involved with different groups within your organization, and as much as possible, become involved with what other entities/agencies are doing;
3. Seek professional certification - both for your life-long learning, and for the credibility it brings to your discussions; and
4. Don't shy away from taking on a new project. Yes, we're all incredibly busy; however, putting a good effort into a necessary project will raise your stock in the eyes of those who hold the key to professional success in your organization. Advancement and promotion are still the result of showing that you are better than the position in which you are currently sitting. Become as close to indispensable as you can become..!

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Shawn Megaw Appointed Director of Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Congrats to Shawn Megaw on his recent appointment as the new National Director of Special Interest Groups.

Did you know that NPMA SIGs provide, at no additional fee, tools and networking opportunities where you can ask any question, present any problem, and receive quality advice? Forums have been established for a wide range of organizational and functional disciplines within the asset management field, so there is a place for everyone.

If you’re interested in participating in one or more SIGs, the following steps will get you started:

1. Log into;
2. From the Groups menu, select your SIG(s) of choice;
3. Click the Join Group icon;
4. Start networking!

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The revised Intermediate Manual and Supplements for the CPPA are scheduled for release on January 1, 2017.

Testing under the current material will be available for approximately six months following the release of the new material. Likely through the end of June 2017. In order to test under the old material, you will need to purchase the exams prior to December 31, 2016. That purchase will give you a deadline of June 30, 2017 to complete testing. Once the new book is released, all classes will be on the new book ONLY. Exams will be for the new book ONLY.

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