Name: John Betterson
Position Sought: Eastern Region Treasurer
NPMA Certification Level: CPPA
Chapter Affiliation: Ohio Valley Chapter
Length of NPMA Membership: 5 years
Current Job Title: Supply & Equipment Management Officer, Property Disposal Officer, and the Supply Manager

Current Employer: NASA Glenn Research Center


Statement of Experience:

 I serve as the government Technical Representative for the Technical Information and logistics services contract where I oversee all aspects of the equipment, supply and disposal services for the NASA Glenn Research Center. In this role, I provide programmatic and budgetary oversight and leadership, while monitoring contractor activity to ensure adherence to the Statement of Work, government policies, and all agency and federal regulations that apply to equipment, supply, and disposal operations. I am also a retired Air Force veteran with well over 20 years of experience in leadership and budgetary reporting and oversight. I am also a contributing writer for the Property Professional Magazine. 


Mission and Goals: 

 First and foremost, my mission would be to align and remain in step with NPMA’s mission which is to “Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.” That stated, if elected my goal for the office would involve setting achievable milestones for the eastern region’s success, stand up transformational leadership practices through network opportunities, look for efficiencies wherever I can, and work to “enhance capabilities and broaden our core competencies…” Another goal of mine would be to energize members to participate in NPMA activities in deeper ways through advocacy for knowledge sharing.