Name: Guy F. Larkin

Position Sought: Eastern Region Treasurer

NPMA Certification: CPPM

Chapter Affiliation: CSRA Chapter

Length of NPMA Membership: 14 years

Current Job Title: Property (Personal & Real) and Fleet Manager

Current Employer: CB&I AREVA MOX Services, LLC.

Statement of Experience:

 I bring over 45 years of experience with management of government and corporate- Property, Procurement, Environmental and Financial groups: developing strategic plans, major economic objectives, and policies for corporation and subsidiaries. Preparing reports required by regulatory agencies. Analyzing financial records to forecast future financial position and budget requirements. Preparing financial reports for management and for certification by independent auditors. Responsible for various government agencies and corporations environmental, transportation, procurement and warehousing services provided to fifty states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Mission and Goals:

My mission, if elected, is to create more networking opportunities not only for professionals from Colleges, Federal Agency’s, Government Contractors and Defense Contract Management Agency, but to expand the opportunities in the commercial environment. This includes collaborating with others to develop a financial sound organization that benefits members, their employers and the communities they represent.  

My main goals, if elected to serve, are 1.) Ensure the responsibilities of Eastern Region Treasurer are completed accurately and on time. 2.) Develop individuals to fill this position in the future 3.) Engage other to assist in developing ways to improve the process that are the responsibilities of Eastern Region Treasurer.