Name: Gina C. Thompson

Position Sought: Central Region Secretary

Chapter Affiliation: North Texas Chapter

Length of NPMA Membership: 13 years

Job Title: Government Property Administrator

Employer: Bell Helicopter Textron


Statement of Experience:

I served my chapter as Chapter President and National Delegate for several terms and have attended Regional Board Meetings multiple times over the past nine years. I have also performed the duties of chapter secretary when the chapter had no secretary elected. I feel from my experience with my local chapter and at Regional meetings that I have a firm understanding of the job requirements and will be able perform the required duties in an exemplary manner.

Mission and Goals:

I understand the importance of maintaining clear historical records for the organization so we can improve our processes and procedures. My goal will be to transcribe the recorded minutes accurately and provide them in a timely manner to all delegates and officers.  I will also send notifications of upcoming events and required documentation as needed. Communication of issues, news and events from both national and regional perspectives is vital to maintaining an informed and progressive organization.