Name: Danielle Lyons

Position Sought: Western Region Treasurer

NPMA Certification: CPPS

Chapter: Los Angeles Chapter

NPMA Membership: 4.5 years

Current Job Title: Area Lead

Employer: Sunflower Systems


I do not plan on participating in any activity for which I would receive payment from NPMA during my term of office.

Statement of Experience

Relevant experience includes managing budget and expenditures for a $300M+ construction program, while leading a $30M+ asset management implementation project.  During this time over $495M (200k) assets were being managed from acquisition to disposition.  Forecasting for budget and anticipated expenditures was done annually for both long-term and short-term projections for program planning.  Was responsible for metric and health reporting to Board of Trustees on an annual basis.


Mission and Goals

My mission and goals would be to provide to ensure the that financial reporting of the Western Region is not only accurate but provided in a usable format to determine future growth potential as well as predict potential risk areas.  Would like to work with the other Regional Board to try to maximize on all income to the Western Region and ensure funds are being allocated and utilized as best possible. 



Danielle Lyons asset management expertise comes from a unique blend of leadership roles in logistics, business and technology management.  She currently serves as an Area Lead for Sunflower Systems in the Los Angeles Area.  She just finished her two-year tenure as the President of the LA Chapter of NPMA and is serving as Secretary and National Delegate for the next two. 

Danielle leverages a background in construction, facilities and logistics management to solve asset management challenges associated with identification, records management, accounting, inventory and disposal.  Danielle‚Äôs professional experience combined with her personal interests in education, technology and design have driven program execution and team success on deployments of mobile technology, RFID based solutions, software enhancement and change management programs.