Get to Know Your 2016 Western and Central Region Candidates

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Vol. 2016, Issue 30 August 17, 2016
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Get to Know Your 2016 Western Region Candidates

 2016 Candidate for Western Region Vice President

Robert Kaehler, CPPS
Bay Area Chapter

Statement of Experience
I have been the Western Region Vice President for the past term, and would be honored to be able to continue and complete the initiatives we have started. In particular, I want to continue to improve the communications to the Chapter, deliver program content to the Chapters, and drive the University Outreach Program we have initiated this year.

The Regional VP plays a critical role in promoting and supporting NPMA from top to bottom, serving as the primary conduit between the individual chapters and the National office and Executive Board. This closely mirrors the business role I have been performing for my employers during the 15 years I have been a member of NPMA. I served as the President of the Bay Area Chapter from 2010-2012, and have also been a Chapter Delegate.

Mission and Goals
The two primary functions of the Regional VP are: 1) establish consistent and effective communication between the region membership and the executive board, and 2) promote, monitor and support new Chapter development and existing Chapter growth and expansion.

To that end, if elected, I commit to the following:

•Continue to attend at least one meeting at each and every Chapter
•Regularly communicate National news to the Chapters, and listen carefully to the needs of the regional membership and communicate those back to the Executive Board
•Implement our University Outreach Program to connect the NPMA with university students in an effort to help develop our next generation of asset management professionals
•Provide effective tools, resources, support and advice to Chapters for increasing the value to their members
•Do all things with enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to the office and membership I serve

2016 Candidate for Western Region Treasurer

Glenda Steffenhagen, CPPM CF
Saguaro Chapter

Glenda Steffenhagen, CPPM CF, has experience with capital, quasi-governmental, and contract property. Her duties have ranged from being a solo property administrator to specific functions within a larger department. In addition, she has assisted with depreciation, long range financial plans, financial reporting, analyses, and budgets. Since 2006 she has worked for Boeing in Mesa, AZ.

Glenda has actively participated in NPMA on national and local levels through attendance at Board meetings as delegate; contributing to various manuals; holding all chapter offices; as a chapter committee member for Regional Seminars; giving presentations at NES, Regional seminars and chapter meetings; and as the current Western Region Treasurer.

To serve NPMA as the Western Region treasurer, if elected, I will provide my financial skills and services as needed to assist the region whenever possible. Additionally, I hope to optimize attendance of delegates through the management of the available Western Region funds. I look forward to using my previous experiences as chapter treasurer and from working in finance.

2016 Candidates for Western Region Secretary

Gina Gant
Cochise Chapter

Gina began her property management career in 2011 when taking a property administrator position at Raytheon Missile Systems. In 2013, she became a member of the National Property Management Association (NPMA). She is a charter member of the Cochise Chapter. As of 2015, Gina serves as the Cochise Chapter Secretary and Treasurer. Currently, she is a property administrator for 85 subcontractors with almost $30 million in property. Before accepting a position with Raytheon, she worked at SAIC for 6 years as a financial assistant. She received her B.A. from Northern Arizona University in Public Management and Business Administration. In addition to working full-time, Gina works very part-time at the YMCA as a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach/Sports Coordinator where she coaches youth basketball and volleyball. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Will and their three children Razin (7), Zena (7), and Savion (5).

Gina is a dedicated team player. Gina thrives in a team environment and fully believes a team that is communicating well will be the most productive and successful. If elected Secretary, she will effectively communicate the Region business information to all Officers and Region Chapters. She will support and promote the NPMA Strategic Plan for managing the growth and focus of this diverse organization. Gina believes she can bring real passion and energy to this role if she is elected. Gina has a strong desire to help others and develop as a professional. Her attitude has always been that if she is going to do something, she should put every effort into it, in order to succeed. 

Get to Know Your 2016 Central Region Candidates

2016 Candidate for Central Region Vice President

Ken Black, CPPM
Austin Chapter

Experience I would bring to this office if elected:
I have 34 years of experience in the property management field and have been an active NPMA member since 2005. During that time I have served in leadership positions at the national, regional and chapter levels. I am currently serving as National Vice President of Membership and Secretary of the State & Local Government SIG. Previous service includes Central Region Secretary, Austin Chapter President, Vice-President, and Chair of Chapter Membership, Professional Development, Program, and Nominations committees. I also served on the 2014 Intermediate Studies Supplement Manual rewrite team, the 2006 CPPS exam writing team, and am currently serving on the CPPA exam writing team.

Mission and Goals for this office:
My mission for Vice President of Central Region is to carry out the duties in a loyal, professional manner, to faithfully uphold the NPMA bylaws, and to provide sound leadership and support to regional chapters and members. My goals are to increase participation from region members at the chapter, regional and national levels by encouraging and mentoring members to serve as officers and present at educational events; to help chapter presidents overcome the challenges of member participation at meetings; to host exceptional educational events including NES, fall and spring seminars; and to increase participation in the NPMA awards program.

I am a strong supporter of the central region and welcome the opportunity to serve as Vice President.

2016 Candidate for Central Region Secretary

Lauren Grooms, CPPA
Austin Chapter

Experience I would bring to this office if elected:
I have been an active member of NPMA since early 2010 and have worked in property for the past 7 years. In my time with the Austin chapter, I have held the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer positions. I have also served as the Election Committee Chair and have helped organize several of the Boss's Day Luncheons our chapter has hosted. Additionally, I was elected as the Austin Chapter President for the 2016-2018 term.

Mission and Goals for this office:
As the Central Region Secretary, my mission would be (1) to dutifully uphold the NPMA Bylaws, and (2) to provide administrative support and professional guidance to the Vice President, Directors, and Region Chapters.To this end, my goals as Secretary are to: Create, distribute, and maintain accurate and concise records; Formulate and promote NPMA plans among the property-management community; and foster clear communication between Chapter leaders and members.

2016 Candidate for Central Region Treasurer

Kendrick Dickerson, CPPS
Alamo Chapter

Statement of Experience:
Kendrick is a Material, Fleet and Safety Manager, and a recognized leader in NPMA. Kendrick has a degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University. With over 25 years of experience, Kendrick is a U.S. Navy Veteran and has worked for Raytheon Technical Services Company, Department of the Navy, and the Department of Defense. Kendrick has 27 years of experience in the Property Management field and has been an NPMA member since 2008. During his five (5) years with the Alamo Chapter, he has served as Chapter President, Secretary and Membership Director. He was a Presenter at the 2012 NES and the 2013 Spring Seminar. He is a strong supporter of the Alamo Chapter and Central Region and welcomes the opportunity to serve a second term as the region Treasurer.

Mission and Goals:
If elected, my mission for the office of Central Region Treasurer would be to continue delivering financial statements in a timely and professional manner. My goals are to produce and present clear and accurate financial statements and provide reimbursements in a timely manner. My personal goal is to complete my CPPA certification no later than December 2016.
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Rick Crockford- Orion Employee of the Month!

NPMA is excited to announce that Rick Crockford has been nominated as Orion's employee of the month!  

Rick Crockford is being nominated as the Orion employee of the month for going above and beyond his usual call of duty as a property analyst for the Orion Program. Rick takes great pride in managing the Orion program assets to ensure all property is properly tracked and safely conveyed in accordance with the government contracting requirements. He is a subject matter expert for all Government Property Administration issues on the program and recently led a significant streamlining effort that was approved by the customer resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings. In addition to his day job, Rick shares his enthusiasm for space exploration and the Orion program by volunteering to support educational and outreach events such as Space Center Houston’s back-to-school events, NASA Museum Alliance Web Chats and NASA exhibits at events like Comicpalooza. He truly enjoys reaching out to students and inspiring them to do their best and consider a future career in the aerospace industry. He is a valuable member of the Orion team and is greatly appreciated for his hard work and dedication.

Way to go, Rick!


Periodically the NPMA publishes the “Journal of Property and Asset Management.” Through the contribution of our members we have expanded the depth and breadth of technical information related to our profession. Here is a wonderful opportunity for our membership. If you have a paper from a college class related to Property and Asset Management, if you have been doing some good, solid research for your employment in Property and Asset Management, if you have empirical evidence of a best practice or a customary commercial practice – here is your opportunity! We have some excellent articles already submitted and are just looking for a few more to provide additional substance for the next publication of the Journal.

So, if you have some writings, ponderings or deep thoughts – whether that is on contract property, Government property, commercial assets, state and local Government property, university applications, ISO 55000, Voluntary Consensus Standards – please, support your profession and your professional association with your contribution! Contact Doug Goetz if you require further information or click here to learn more about The Journal.

2016 NES Keynote Released!

Come see compelling keynotes from respected industry thought leaders at the 2016 National Education Seminar (NES) in Nashville from August 29 through September 1. Leading voices include:

Lt. General Wendy M. Masiello
Opening Keynote: What DCMA Does

Lt. Gen. Wendy M. Masiello is the Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). As the Director, she leads a Department of Defense agency that consists of more than 11,900 civilians and military personnel who execute worldwide contract management responsibilities, covering more than 20,000 contractors and more than $223 billion in unliquidated obligations. Join us for this not-to-be missed keynote for an overview of what the DCMA does and how it impacts you!

Matthew Tenney
General Session: Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery and a Boardroom

In this inspiring program, Matt Tenney, President, Wanna Save the World, Inc., introduces the power of "servant leadership" through his story of spending five-plus years confined to military prison for arranging an unauthorized delivery of government funds, learning to be happy with nothing, living like a monk for over three years, discovering the power of a life devoted to serving others, and co-founding and leading two non-profits. Matt will show you how to improve your capacity for servant leadership, and how that shift results in greater success as a leader as well as greater happiness.

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