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Basic Asset Management Certificate
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Basic Asset Management Certificate

Gain greater skills, confidence, and professional recognition.

These courses and webinars are designed to provide the Asset Management professional with the most current and up-to-date training information related to the US Government in the area of Asset Management.

The Certificate is awarded to the participant who successfully completes 10 CEUs within 24 months.


Qualifying Training

Classroom Courses 

(Note:  Classroom Courses are available for on-site training)

  • 100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management
    A great refresher course for seasoned professionals who can draw on the mistakes of others. For new professionals, the course will provide the framework and examples to ensure common mistakes can be avoided.  4.0 CEUs
  • Basic Government Property Management - Defense
    This five-day course presents a detailed analysis of life cycle asset management in government property systems. In addition to the fundamentals of property management and the regulatory requirements of property management; this course includes an overview of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other appropriate regulations used in federal government procurement of supplies and services. 4.5 CEUs
  • Contract Property Management Fundamentals
    Covers the critical aspects of contract property management under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).   4.5 CEUs
  • CPPS Certification Review & Testing
    The NPMA Certification Program is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance for those who demonstrate a high level of competence that is essential to the practice of property management. 3.0 CEUs
  • Effective Disposal Methods of Personal Property
    After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:  (1) Understand what regulations currently exist for excessing and disposing of personal property, (2) Understand GSA requirements for screening, donations, and transfers, (3) Set-up an effective re-utilization and screening program, and (4) Understand the important of controlling and tracking trade-ins and exchange sale items. 4.0 CEUs
  • Fundamentals of Personal Property Management
    Learn about the responsibilities of personal property management managers.  Also, gain an understanding of personal property management and its important.  This course will provide the essential tools necessary to manager personal property. 3.0 CEUs
  • Inventory Methods an Techniques
    This class will provide the student with an understanding of contractual requirements and the various methods used to periodically perform, reconcile, record, and report physical inventories.  3.0 CEUs

On-Line Courses

  • Acquisition
    This course provides understanding of the process of acquisition, that is, the getting or gaining of items of property needed to meet business objectives. 1.0 CEU

  • Effective Meetings
    Explains the key concepts associated with effective meetings. 1.0 CEU

  • Maintenance
    Provides an understanding of the importance of an organizations responsibility to keep physical assets in proper working order.  1.0 CEU

  • Movement and Transfer Orders
    How to effectively track movement and transfers throughout the property life cycle of assets is one of the most challenging aspects of property management. 1.0 CEU

  • Physical Inventory
    An understanding of the role of the physical inventory is to ensure that the assets recorded in the property system physically exist, to determine if unrecorded or improperly recorded transactions have occurred, and to identify any excess, defective, or obsolete assets on hand. 1.0 CEU

  • Presentation Skills
    Understand and be able to deliver excellent presentations with creative persuasion that influences others.1.0 CEU
  • Property Disposition
    This course will demonstrate ways to manage excess property that are cost-efficient and maximize return on investment.1.0 CEU

  • Property Management
    An important course, if you work in property management, supply-chain, logistics, quality assurance, contract management, procurement, subcontract administration, program management or internal auditing. 1.0 CEU

  • Receiving and Identification
    Provides information concerning the receipt to the purchasing, accounts payable, property management, inventory management, transportation/delivery, and ordering functions. 1.0 CEU

  • Storage and Warehousing
    After successful completion of this course, property and logistics personnel will have a better understanding of warehouse operations such as space allocation, receiving, storage, issue, recording, and reports thereby enabling them to perform their jobs more effectively. 1.0 CEU

  • Utilization and Consumption
    This course will help property personnel to use utilization and consumption programs to improve their organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and bottom-line performance. Additionally, the effective reutilization or redeployment of assets allows organizations to maximize their return on assets and capital funding. 1.0 CEU


  • Actions to Reduce Lost Property
    How and when to report a Loss of Government Property and when to report a loss to the Government will be reviewed in this session, including a step-by-step process    0.5 CEU
  • Asset Management in the Cloud - Delivering Results (coming soon)
  • Basic Government Property Management
    This session will provide an introduction for the junior property professional with one to four years experience in the property management field.  Included will be help in understanding some of the outcomes, basic concepts, regulations and terminology used within the property management profession.  0.5 CEU
  • How to Survive a Property Audit using the five "W" Approach
    This webinar presents a light-hearted, nuts and bolts lifecycle view of audits from both sides of the table. Attendees will learn practical do’s and don’ts using the 5 “W” approach to help them survive property audits.     0.5 CEU
  • Loss of Government Property and Reporting
    How and when to report a Loss of Government Property and when to report a loss to the Government will be reviewed in this session, including a step-by-step process. 0.5 CEU
  • Managing Electronics Disposal:  Where is your Material really going?                  
    This webinar provides the participant with the tools to evaluate and select a qualified electronics recycling company.   0.5 CEU
  • Records - The "Life's Blood" of a Property Management System
    This webinar will cover the FAR Government property clause (52.245-1) requirements as well as a discussion of ASTM E 2604 – 09 entitled Standard Practice for Data Characteristics of Equipment Records.  0.5 CEU
  • Self-Assessment Standard ASTM E2936
    This standard contains best practices for all aspects of performing a Contractor Self Assessment (CSA), including developing a CSA procedure, planning for a CSA, developing metrics and process tests, statistical sampling, and incorporating the CSA into your Government and/or customer audits. 0.5 CEU
  • Subcontractor Liability for Loss of Government Property
    As Property Professionals, it is critical that both Government and Industry representatives understand the REQUIRED APPLICATION based upon the various parts of the FAR that drive this action 0.5 CEU
  • System Analysis Audit:  Testing the Records (coming soon)
  • The Inventory Verification Process:  More than just finding your stuff (coming soon)
  • What the Government is Teaching its Auditors about Auditing your Property Management System (coming soon)
  • When is a Loss A Loss? (coming soon)


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