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Intermediate Property Management Certificate
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Intermediate Property Management Certificate

Gain greater skills, confidence, and professional recognition.


These courses and webinars are designed to provide the Asset Management professional with the most current and up-to-date training information related to the US Government in the area of Asset Management.


The Certificate is awarded to the participant who successfully completes 10 CEUs within 24 months.


Qualifying Training

Classroom Courses 
(Note:  Classroom Courses are available for on-site training)

  • 100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management
    A great refresher course for seasoned professionals who can draw on the mistakes of others. For new professionals, the course will provide the framework and examples to ensure common mistakes can be avoided.     4.0 CEUs
  • Advanced Contract Property Management
    This course presents the next logical step in the Contract Property Professionals educational development. It moves beyond learning the regulatory material that drives application and performance and now goes to the higher levels of learning -- analysis, evaluation and even synthesis.     4.5 CEUs 
  • Application of Federal Acquisition FAR, Requirements, and Best Practices for Government Property
    This class is for the property professionals involved with the management of Government property.  Sometimes Government property regulations are confusing and complicated to understand.  This course goes through the FAR clauses.     5.0 CEUs 
  • CPPA Certification Review & Testing
    The NPMA Certification Program is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance for those who demonstrate a high level of competence that is essential to the practice of property management.     3.0 CEUs
  • CPPM Certification Review & Testing
    Through dynamic instruction, vigorous study, and the NPMA Testing Program, you’ll earn the recognition you deserve as a qualified property professional.     2.0 CEUs
  • Intermediate Property Management Studies
    Attendees will experience an in-depth examination of property management topics ranging from voluntary consensus standards, requirements determinations, contracting and assistance, risk, consumables, and fleet management to value-added solutions and environmental considerations.    3.0 CEUs
  • ISO 55000:  Overview, Principles and Terminology
    This course will cover the details of the first of the three Standard documents, ISO 55000, Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology.    1.0 CEU 
  • ISO 55001:  Requirements and Application
    This course will cover the details of two of the three Standard documents, ISO 55001, Asset management – Management systems – Requirements and ISO 55002, Asset management – Managements systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001.     3.0 CEUs 
  • Managing Subcontracts
    This class will provide attendees with an understanding of the contractor’s contractual requirements and responsibilities relating to subcontractor-held government-owned property. Class presentations and discussions will focus on the various processes that must be implemented by both the prime contractor and the subcontractor to ensure compliance to applicable contractual property control requirements.     3.5 CEUs
  • UII and Non-UII GFP
    The course will provide the guidance and practical knowledge that contractors need to accomplish the initial report submittal to the IUID Registry and recognition of trigger events for subsequent reporting.     2.0 CEUs 
  • Disposition Through PCARSS
    The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) has a web application for government agencies to screen excess property for reuse called Plant Clearance Automated Re-utilization Screening System (PCARSS).     5.0 CEUs 
    This 3-Day course covers DoD demilitarization (DEMIL) policies and programs that are applicable to U.S. Munitions and Commerce Control List Items.     3.0 CEUs

On-Line Courses

  • ASTM Level I
    The NPMA is proud to offer this class as an introduction to ASTM E53 Executive Committee on Asset Management Systems and beginner level ASTM E53 Standards.     1.0 CEU
  • Change Management
    Effective Change Management Skills drive all successful organizations. In this module you will learn key Change Management Skills that you can adopt in your organization to deliver endless results.     1.0 CEU

  • Contract and Agreement Management
    The type of agreement selected for a given project will depend on the nature of the organizations entering into the agreement (whether Federal Government, state or local government, for-profit corporation, or educational or medical institution) along with the type of work being performed, the methods of financing, billing, and payment to be used, and the purpose of the project.     1.0 CEU

  • Corrective Action Plans under the New FAR Business Rule (coming soon)                   

  • Effective Benchmarking Skills
    When you have completed this course you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Benchmarking Skills.     1.0 CEU

  • Effective Meetings
    Explains the key concepts associated with effective meetings.     1.0 CEU

  • How to Conduct A Property Management Internal Audit (coming soon)                           
  • Internal Audits:  How to Plan and Perform (coming soon)                                                
  • Presentation Skills
    Understand and be able to deliver excellent presentations with creative persuasion that influences others.     1.0 CEU

  • Property Disposition
    This course will demonstrate ways to manage excess property that are cost-efficient and maximize return on investment.     1.0 CEU

  • Property Management
    An important course, if you work in property management, supply-chain, logistics, quality assurance, contract management, procurement, subcontract administration, program management or internal auditing.     1.0 CEU

  • Requirements Determination
    Requirements determination and the capital budgeting process provide the property manager with an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the organization's financial health.     1.0 CEU


  • Applying Industry Leading Best Practices
    This webinar provides real-world examples of how leading organizations are leveraging technology to achieve asset management best practices. The onus is now on asset managers to take proactive steps and seek out, create, validate and implement improved asset management practices.     0.5 CEU 
  • Federal Property Accountability - From the Law to the General Ledger
    As a federal personal property professional, you will want to get the low-down on property accountability from the expert. The laws and regulations that require property management and accountability for the property owned by the American people will be covered.     0.5 CEU  
  • Finance, Procurement and Property Management:  A Total Team Effort
    The discussion is a journey that explores requirements of Finance, Procurement, and Property Management disciplines and what property managers can do to establish and nurture a total team effort to ensure their agency is at the top of their game in achieving a qualified audit opinion.     0.5 CEU 
  • ISO 55000 Asset Management Systems:  What Is It and Why Should I Care?
    Have you heard the “buzz” about the expected release of ISO Standard 55000, Asset Management Systems? This webinar will answer your questions about what the Standard contains, the latest schedule and why you and your company should care.     0.5 CEU 
  • Managing Subcontractors:   Yes, there IS an Easy Way!
    This session will cover some basic concepts in dealing with subcontractors beginning with the Statement of Work through disposition of property at a subcontractor's facility.     0.5 CEU 
  • Physical Inventory Standard ASTM E2132 (coming soon)                           
  • Property in "FAR out" Places (It's not just Part 45)
    This session will examine FAR and DFARS requirements related to Government property as well as a variety of other regulations and DoD policies that impact or are related to Government "contract" property.  Where common knowledge leads one to FAR Part 45 and the Government Property Clauses in Part 52--there are NUMEROUS requirements STREWN throughout OTHER FAR and DFARS parts and clauses.     0.5 CEU
  • Property Valuation
    This webinar session will cover the reasons we value property, the types of value and the uses, where to find market data for the valuation of property, and how NPMA is involved in this critical step of asset management.     0.5 CEU
  • Streamlining Solutions for UID Compliance
    This webinar reviews the policy guidelines and requirements for UID, including: (1) UID policy background and highlights, (2) Technology for item marking and registration, (3) Steps to compliance, and (4) Best practices in property management going forward.     0.5 CEU

  • The Material Management Accounting System - Why Hasn't Anyone Told Property?
    This is a fundamentals session in the MMAS--it's History and background, application through the requirements of the Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement (DFARS) clause, analysis of the ten Standards embedded within the clause and their interaction with other property related clauses, and the overlapping roles and responsibilities of various Department of Defense Agencies, as well as internal contractor organizations.     0.5 CEU

  • The New FAR Liability Requirements
    This webinar first briefly reviews the Full risk of loss provision (Alt. I to 52.245-1) then focuses more closely on the Limited Risk of Loss provision under Paragraph (h) of 52.245-1.  Special attention is made to the SUBCONTRACTOR Liability aspect and the use of a PROPER flowdown.     0.5 CEU



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