Name: Robert Kaehler, CPPS

Position Sought: Western Region Vice President

Chapter Affiliation: Bay Area Chapter

Length of NPMA Membership: 14 years

Current Job Title: President

Employer: Ascot Associates


I do not plan on participating in any paid activity with the NPMA during my term of office.


Statement of Experience

    I have been the Western Region Vice President for the past term, and would be honored to be able to continue and complete the initiatives we have started. In particular, I want to continue to improve the communications to the Chapter, deliver program content to the Chapters, and drive the University Outreach Program we have initiated this year.

    The Regional VP plays a critical role in promoting and supporting NPMA from top to bottom, serving as the primary conduit between the individual chapters and the National office and Executive Board. This closely mirrors the business role I have been performing for my employers during the 15 years I have been a member of NPMA.  I served as the President of the Bay Area Chapter from 2010-2012, and have also been a Chapter Delegate. 

Mission and Goals

    The two primary functions of the Regional VP are:  1) establish consistent and effective communication between the region membership and the executive board, and 2) promote, monitor and support new Chapter development and existing Chapter growth and expansion. 

To that end, if elected, I commit to the following: