Meet Charles A Waszczak, Lifetime CPCM!

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Vol. 2015, Issue 43 October 21, 2015
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Meet Charles A. Waszczak, Lifetime CPCM
2015 NPMA Federal Property Manager of the Year

Q: The Federal Property Manager of the Year award is quite an honor. What does this accomplishment mean to you?
A: Time to kick it into fifth gear! I’m profoundly humbled by this award and now sense a greater responsibility – really! Most of my professional life I’ve considered myself as a CONTRACTS professional rather than a PROPERTY professional. Surprise! It’s dawned upon me that I’m both. With my feet in two functional worlds I feel compelled to now do a better job bridging them to the benefit of both. How to do that will be something I hope to work on in the near future. So this tremendous recognition comes with a self-imposed obligation to continue to earn that award. Therefore its receipt is not a plateau commemoration but merely a reminder that more is expected.

Q: You have been serving the asset management community for many years. What drives you to put in so much of your personal time to giving back?
A: It’s a debt of honor that I’m trying to pay forward. Defense Acquisition University-MidWest Region and in particular my Department Chair, Scott Williams have unfailingly supported me. Former colleagues, consummate property professionals and friends, Dr Doug Goetz, Dr John Paciorek and Mr Tom Ruckdaschel compelled me to reach high and achieve. Finally, my DAU property functional lead, colleague and friend, Ms Tonya Guy-Green as well as those we teach deserve the highest level of professionalism. NPMA involvement lets me; helps me do this.

Q: What accomplishment in your Federal career are you most proud of?
A: Without a doubt, this is it - receipt of the Federal Property Manager of the Year Award! I don’t say that gratuitously… I’ve never been one to look over my shoulder to consider or admire my own work. But this singular award was literally breathtaking and so unexpected. I realized two things. First, what I’ve been doing was not only noticed but peer review considered my property professional body of work of significant note. Second, it forced me to look back and acknowledge that I had indeed amassed a professional body of work and that it was judged to have made a significant impact on the property profession. Career satisfaction? Big time!

Q: What has NPMA done for your career?
A: As a DAU professor, I teach Defense acquisition curricula but mainly, Government contract property courses. Separately, NPMA presented me with a professional microcosm of opportunity facets that enabled me to research, speak, participate, lead, follow, contribute, learn, teach, engage, entertain, network, make friends, grow professionally and make business contacts. The two have leveraged each other and happily merged. I say this with a whole lot of pride and without equivocation – I am a Property professional teaching DAU Government contract property courses. I guess NPMA accounts for the “professional” aspect - that is significant!

Q: What advice for success would you give to someone who is new in asset management?
A: Jump in – don’t just stick your toe in! I was fortunate that greater participation was not only encouraged but was professionally rewarding and even fun. My advice is to relish what it is you do in asset management. Engage with those who relish what is they do because it can be infectious. Finally, expand your professionalism – NPMA is a very good way. Finally, look back over your shoulder once in a while and admire the body of work you’re building and take pride in it!

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2015 Fall Education Seminar

FES MasterMind Sessions

The Fall Education Seminar presents MasterMind Sessions, featuring the brightest MasterMinds in Property Management! The sessions are designed for a close intimate 30- 45 minute discussions, 10 -12 people with multi-level attendee participation. Seminar attendees choose the topics for the sessions. The topics are pre-requested by submitting a MasterMind Topic Request Form, via email, or in person at the MasterMind table during the seminar. 

Topics can be a particular property management or industry related issue or problem that you are dealing with at work, a new topic you would like more information about, or continuation of a session that has already taken place, at this seminar or a past seminar.

The MasterMind will moderate the discussion and write takeaways on the board. The topics and takeaways will be placed on the NPMA website’s MasterMind tab for attendees and others to view after the seminar.

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Register Now- Contract Property Management Fundamentals! 

If you have end of year training funds, or are in need of education in the fundamental requirements to manage Government property under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), or even need a refresher course in those technical requirements – here is your chance!

There are still seats available in the NPMA Contract Property Fundamentals Course taught by Dr. Douglas N. Goetz, CPPM, CF in NEW YORK CITY – December 7th through the 11th, 2015.

The topical coverage includes:
• Policy on Providing Government Property
• Government Property - Preaward Process
• Origins of Government Property
• Classifications of Government Property
• The Government Property Clauses
          FAR 52.245-1, -2 and -9
          DFARS 252.245-7000 thru 7004, 252.211-7007
• Progress Payments Clause (52.232-16)
• The Management of Government Property in the Possession of Contractors
• Process & Outcome Requirements Covering the Entire Life Cycle Process Approach
• An Overview of Voluntary Consensus Standards, Industry Leading Practices and Customary Commercial Practices
• Subcontractor Control/Management Requirements
• Liability for Loss of Government Property
• Property Management System(s) – Procedures, Application and Compliance
• Property Management System Audit and
• Disposition of Government Property

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Become a Certified Fleet Professional! 

For the first time ever, people working in Federal Fleet Management will have the opportunity to achieve a certification similar to those working in property management. The National Property Management Association is pleased to provide several training opportunities. You are encouraged to be among the first people to become a Certified Fleet Professional! 

CFFS – Certified Federal Fleet Specialist
The Fleet Management professional who works to support fleet activities, usually part time, like a “vehicle control officer” or fleet POC in an office.

CFFA – Certified Federal Fleet Administrator
The Fleet Management professional who manages a GSA Leased fleet. Prerequisite: CFFS

CFFM – Certified Federal Fleet Manager
The Fleet Management professional who manages an owned or combo leased/owned fleet. Prerequisite: CFFA

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Fleet Management - Certified Federal Fleet Specialist
1/23/2016 » 1/25/2016
Location: Arlington, Virginia 

Fleet Management - Certified Federal Fleet Administrator
1/23/2016 » 1/25/2016
Location: Arlington , Virginia 

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