Meet Robert Holcombe, CPPM, CF!

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Vol. 2015, Issue 41 October 7, 2015
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Meet Robert Holcombe, CPPM, CF
2015 ASTM E53 Award Recipient

Q: The ASTM E53 award is quite an honor. What does this accomplishment mean to you?
A: Yes, it was very much an honor. It was wholly unexpected. To me, we had recently completed two standards (on sales and fleet management), and have one more on warehousing in the works, so it was as much a recognition of the timing of these activities and successes. There are many others on the Committee who have also put in substantial time and effort into developing asset management standards. The award also symbolizes, for me, the success of our team in developing a robust body of standards addressing asset management - to help guide our customers and those outside the Federal government, where they might need some help in improving their asset management programs.

Q: You have been participating on the E53 committee for many years. What drives you to put in so much of your personal time to giving back?
A: OMB Circular A-119 encourages agencies to support the development and use of such voluntary consensus standards as is developed by the ASTM. It's a pleasure, both personally and professionally, to help contribute to the advancement of our profession. I see my role as being one who starts the conversation on a new topic, and then hopefully turn the discussion over to those with more expertise and experience. As Federal agencies are encouraged to utilize such standards, it's also a great way to help agencies define their own jobs, measures, and successes where Federal policy cannot be written by one agency for the use or benefit of all. .

Q: How does participating with E53 benefit your career?
A: It keeps me grounded in what our community is doing. It's always a good feeling when you can help a customer who is having an issue with one aspect of asset management by pointing them to an existing standard which addresses that very problem. It also keeps you conversant on the topic of asset management. Finally, it challenges your understanding of what is "best"; we often find that what we consider the best has been handily bested by others in our profession, or that we're presented with a new way of thinking about things. In short, participating in standards development challenges you to keep growing in our profession.

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Federal Leadership in Asset Management Policy Forum 
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The forum’s objective is to create a basis for changing asset management policies and strategies that will help the Federal government make better use of its assets and help America prosper.

This forum will be held October 20th and 21st at the National Academy of Sciences Building at 2101 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

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