Meet Albert L. Green, Jr., CPPM, CF!

NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2015, Issue 39 September 23 2015
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Meet Albert L. Green, Jr., CPPM, CF
2015 Recipient of the Carl Iannacone Tribute Award

Q: The Carl Iannacone Tribute Award is a huge honor. What does this accomplishment mean to you?
A: I could not say it better, this recognition of the Carl Iannacone Tribute Award is a huge honor. First, I want give credit to and thank my wife Barbara for her daily support. Second, I am overwhelmed to be the recipient of this NPMA award and to have known the late Carl Iannacone makes this award even more an honor. What this accomplishment means to me is the recognition that I must be on the right path on setting examples for others to follow and that my contributions to the NPMA and property/asset community are in alignment.

Q: You have been serving the asset management community for many years. What drives you to put in so much of your personal time to giving back?
A: I strive daily to learn something new and to research personal property topics to stay current on developing trends in the property/asset world. Even after 40 years of logistics, I am still learning new and innovative methods derived from many sources; such as, the NPMA Property Professional Magazine, National Education Seminar presentations and NPMA members. I think it is very important to give back and it does require personal time, but it is rewarding to participate in NPMA. I don't think as a NPMA member that you can sit back and let or wait for someone else to be involved, because eventually, there always a risk that no one is involved. So my point is to be actively involved in NPMA; there are many ways to participate. Always remember, that the strength for NPMA comes from its active members, administrative support staff and its executive leaders!

Q: What has NPMA done for your career?
A: I have been a NPMA member in good standing for over 15 years and have served in a variety of Federal government positions for the same 15 years. I started with obtaining CPPS, CPPA and CPPM certifications. These credentials help me to move up the ladder in Federal government. Believe me, the one liners about NPMA membership and your accomplishment, helps to draft an effective resume that denotes your drive to succeed!

Q: What advice for success would you give to someone who is new in asset management?
A: The three P's! Participate, Participate, Participate! Get involved and choose among the many NPMA activities, chapter officers and membership, attend chapter meetings, attend regional activities, special interest groups, presentations, attending NESs, attending on-line webinars, and writing articles for the Property Professional magazine. Whew, so many activities to choose from, and what's great about all of it is that you can choose one or more of them. Also, when participating, learn to network and focus on making long lasting friends in the NPMA association and property/asset community. Your participation will result in promoting your career and making new associates in the property/asset world! Be an active NPMA member!

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2015 Fall Education Seminar

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Inspiring Keynote, Kent Rominger, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Orbital ATK's Propulsion Systems Division, was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame on May 30, 2015

Pricing Changes for Education and Certification 

Please note the following pricing changes for education and certification will go into effect October 1, 2015:

- Cost of educational manuals (fundamental and intermediate) will be $110, which includes shipping
- Cost of educational supplements (federal, contracts, state/local, university and corporate) will be $35 each, which includes shipping
- An $85 Application Fee will be assessed to each CPPS and CPPA applicant, which includes free electronic study materials (manual, study guides and, for CPPA, chosen supplement)
- For those who register for an NPMA sponsored certification course, a copy of the printed manual (book, supplement (if applicable) and CD) will be shipped to the instructors to hand out at the beginning of the course
- Those who do NOT register for an NPMA course (either self-study or as part of a chapter sponsored event not run through HQ as an onsite/chapter event) will only receive an e-version of the manual/study guide/ supplement unless they choose to pay for a printed version (pricing above)

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