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Vol. 2015, Issue 37 September 9 , 2015
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

NPMA Journal- Call for Papers

NPMA is soliciting articles for publication in the next issue of its refereed Journal, the “Journal of Property and Asset Management.” Academic papers, research papers and more lengthy opinion pieces dealing with any area of Asset Management are welcome. The submissions will go through a peer review process to determine acceptability for publication.

If you have researched a topic for a college class, or a topic for application within a corporate or government setting, or even a paper written for personal enjoyment, you are encouraged to further the intellectual body of knowledge of the property profession and your peers by submitting this paper.

Only original work, which has not been published or communicated elsewhere, should be submitted. Papers should be submitted in electronic format using MS-Word or an equivalent and tables or charts should be submitted as separate files to ensure proper clarity when printing. Authors are encouraged to use the American Psychological Association (APA) Style guide, 6th Edition, ISBN-10: 1433805596. For further information please contact Dr. Douglas N. Goetz by phone at 937-306-8374 or via E-mail at

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2015 Fall Education Seminar

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Register NOW for the 2015 Fall Educational Training Seminar

The 2015 NPMA Fall Educational Training Seminar will be hosted at the Little America Hotel Salt Lake City, on November 4-5, 2015. Attend to learn industry best practices, engage in face-to-face meetings and network with peer asset management professionals. To access the seminar agenda, click here.

Inspiring Keynote, Kent Rominger, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Orbital ATK's Propulsion Systems Division, was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame on May 30, 2015. 

Pricing Changes for Education and Certification 

Please note the following pricing changes for education and certification will go into effect October 1, 2015:

- Cost of educational manuals (fundamental and intermediate) will be $110, which includes shipping
- Cost of educational supplements (federal, contracts, state/local, university and corporate) will be $35 each, which includes shipping
- An $85 Application Fee will be assessed to each CPPS and CPPA applicant, which includes free electronic study materials (manual, study guides and, for CPPA, chosen supplement)
- For those who register for an NPMA sponsored certification course, a copy of the printed manual (book, supplement (if applicable) and CD) will be shipped to the instructors to hand out at the beginning of the course
- Those who do NOT register for an NPMA course (either self-study or as part of a chapter sponsored event not run through HQ as an onsite/chapter event) will only receive an e-version of the manual/study guide/ supplement unless they choose to pay for a printed version (pricing above)

NPMA Announces New VP of Membership, Ken Black

The Executive Board has appointed Mr. Ken Black to fill the recently vacated VP Membership position until the next election cycle. Mr. Black is a long time NPMA volunteer with outstanding leadership experience and no shortage of great ideas to help move our association forward. He’ll be hitting the ground running and looks forward to supporting the many great members of NPMA.

Mr. Black stated, “I am very humbled at being selected for this position. My view is that every member is my boss and I will do my best to support all of you. My goals are to establish and maintain regular contact with the region and chapter membership directors; to gather and share information from chapters about ideas that are working to improve member participation and growth; to assist chapters that need support and help them be successful; and to encourage members, especially younger ones, to be involved in leadership at all levels.”

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