Meet Fred Lee Cox, CPPM!

NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2015, Issue 42 October 14, 2015
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

Meet Fred Lee Cox, CPPM
2015 NPMA President's Recipient

Q: The President’s award is a huge honor. What does this accomplishment mean to you?
A: It’s a milestone achievement that I am deeply humbled and honored to receive. To join past recipients who have inspired and paved the way for others is quite rewarding.

Q: You have been serving the asset management community for many years. What drives you to put in so much of your personal time to giving back?
A: Giving back is just part of my basic values. A couple of my core passions are creating positive change and helping others achieve their potential. These desires drive my effort to pay it forward.

Q: What has NPMA done for your career?
A: We are only as good as those around us and since joining this organization in 2004, I’ve had tremendous opportunities to learn from some of the most talented people in our industry. It is also worth mentioning, that my CPPM certification has contributed to promotions and new job opportunities in my career.

Q: What advice for success would you give to someone who is new in asset management?
A: Seek out mentors in this profession, take advantage of educational opportunities and continue to challenge yourself to perform better at each stage of growth in your career

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2015 Fall Education Seminar

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If you have end of year training funds, or are in need of education in the fundamental requirements to manage Government property under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), or even need a refresher course in those technical requirements – here is your chance!

There are still seats available in the NPMA Contract Property Fundamentals Course taught by Dr. Douglas N. Goetz, CPPM, CF in NEW YORK CITY – December 7th through the 11th, 2015.

The topical coverage includes:
• Policy on Providing Government Property
• Government Property - Preaward Process
• Origins of Government Property
• Classifications of Government Property
• The Government Property Clauses
          FAR 52.245-1, -2 and -9
          DFARS 252.245-7000 thru 7004, 252.211-7007
• Progress Payments Clause (52.232-16)
• The Management of Government Property in the Possession of Contractors
• Process & Outcome Requirements Covering the Entire Life Cycle Process Approach
• An Overview of Voluntary Consensus Standards, Industry Leading Practices and Customary Commercial Practices
• Subcontractor Control/Management Requirements
• Liability for Loss of Government Property
• Property Management System(s) – Procedures, Application and Compliance
• Property Management System Audit and
• Disposition of Government Property

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Upcoming NPMA Courses

Register for one of the following NPMA courses by October 23 and receive 50% off a webinar! 

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Johnson Space Center Workshop

Participate in the JSC Chapter Workshop to learn key NASA related information including Audits, Reporting, Excess/Disposal, and Contract Types. Visit the website for additional details and to register.

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