Meet Billie Jo Perchla, CPPM CF!

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Vol. 2015, Issue 46 November 11, 2015
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Meet Billie Jo Perchla, CPPM CF
National Editor of The Property Professional Magazine

Q: You have been serving the asset management community for many years and have spent countless hours managing the Property Professional magazine. What drives you to put in so much of your personal time to giving back?
A: Just that, giving back. I feel that each of us, who have received help and/or support from family, friends, assistance organizations, and in this case professional associations, should do whatever they can to give back. Believe me when I say that I will never be able to give back enough to the NPMA for what it has done for me both in my career and on a personal level through my relationships with fellow members.

Q: What has NPMA done for your career?
A: I have been a member of the NPMA since 1985. I have held the following positions at the chapter level: President, Treasurer, National Delegate, and Program Committee Chairman. At the National level I served as Vice President of Professional Development and various Directorships. I have participated as a writer and final editor for three manuals used by the NPMA Certification Program and written articles for the NPMA magazine. I have presented workshops at Regional and National Seminars. And now I am the National Editor for The Property Professional. I hold Level III Certification in the Category of Industrial/Contract Property Management by the Defense Acquisition University and have earned my CPPM and was acknowledged as a Consulting Fellow by NPMA. My career awards that relate to property management include: Outstanding DLA Person of the Year for Contract Management...1991; Meritorious Civilian Service Award...1990; Special Act of Service Awards...1998(2), 1996, 1991, 1984; and, Performance Awards annually since 1983. All of this was made possible through the training that I received through the DAU and NPMA classes, NES and chapter workshops, and networking with fellow members (my mentors) of the NPMA. Basically, I credit any success I achieved in my career to the NPMA.

Q: What advice for success would you give to someone who is new in asset management?
A: That’s easy, join the NPMA and PARTICIPATE!!! Hold office, join committees, take classes, and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN

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Correction: The Property Professional, Volume 27, Issue 5

An error was made on page 13 of The Property Professional, Volume 27, Issue 5.

The Overall Medium Chapter of the Year for 2015 was in fact the Emerald Coast Chapter but the photo published recognized the San Diego Mission Chapter members who were the Medium Chapter of the Year for the Western Region.

Our apologies to both the Mission San Diego and the Emerald Coast Chapters.


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