Meet Stephen Fisher, CPPS

NPMA Newsflash
Vol. 2015, Issue 44 October 28, 2015
Advance the profession of Asset Management through leadership in education, standards, compliance, and certifications.

Meet Stephen Fisher, CPPS
2015 NPMA Rookie of the Year Recipient

Q: The Rookie of the Year Award is a huge honor. What does it mean to you?
A: It’s always nice to receive some type of recognition, in any setting. The Federal Center Chapter is massive and boasts a bevy of talented industry professionals who are exceedingly willing to share insight on a multitude of important topics. The fact that my chapter peers presented me with this award is awesome.

Q: You have been serving the asset management community for a short while but already making a great impact. What drives you to put in so much of your personal time to giving back?
A: Pay it forward. I had several members reach out to me when I began my career in asset management, which I really appreciated. With the FCC being the largest chapter within NPMA, there is always something to do. I like helping others and want to do my part in making our local chapter the very best it can be.

Q: What has NPMA done for your career?
A: NPMA is a huge resource and respected entity within the Property Management industry. There are constant, new relative topics that appear on the main website that serve as great learning tools. By offering various accreditations, members are given the opportunity to help advance their careers. The organization also promotes various job openings as they come about. It’s like being a member of a big team.

Q: What advice for success would you give to someone who is new in asset management?
A: Reach out and explore every opportunity. Don’t be afraid to talk to others and get involved. The asset management industry as a whole often times carries a negative reputation. Most individuals think that all we do is carry around a scanner and conduct an annual inventory. Be ready to take bold steps and show that your occupation is much more than a barcode zapper.

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