Name: Ken Black

Position Sought: Vice President Central Region

Certification Level: CPPM

Chapter Affiliation: Austin

Length of NPMA Membership: 10 years, 4 months

Current Job Title: Manager, Property Management Branch

Current Employer: Texas Department of Transportation


Experience I would bring to this office if elected:

I have 34 years of experience in the property management field and have been an active NPMA member since 2005. During that time I have served in leadership positions at the national, regional and chapter levels. I am currently serving as National Vice President of Membership and Secretary of the State & Local Government SIG. Previous service includes Central Region Secretary, Austin Chapter President, Vice-President, and Chair of Chapter Membership, Professional Development, Program, and Nominations committees. I also served on the 2014 Intermediate Studies Supplement Manual rewrite team, the 2006 CPPS exam writing team, and am currently serving on the CPPA exam writing team.

Mission and Goals for this office:

My mission for Vice President of Central Region is to carry out the duties in a loyal, professional manner, to faithfully uphold the NPMA bylaws, and to provide sound leadership and support to regional chapters and members. My goals are to increase participation from region members at the chapter, regional and national levels by encouraging and mentoring members to serve as officers and present at educational events; to help chapter presidents overcome the challenges of member participation at meetings; to host exceptional educational events including NES, fall and spring seminars; and to increase participation in the NPMA awards program.

I am a strong supporter of the central region and welcome the opportunity to serve as Vice President.