Name: Jessica Dzara

Position Sought: VP Communications

NPMA Certification Level: CPPM CF

Chapter Affiliation: NOVA Chapter

Length of NPMA Membership: 8 years

Current Job Title: Manager

Employer Name:  Sunflower Systems 


 Statement of Experience:

    As an experienced marketing and asset management professional, I have the skills and knowledge to enhance NPMA’s professional reputation and exposure.

    As current VP Communications, I improved communications through: streamlined monthly announcements for Chapter leaders; revamped the Newsflash e-newsletter’s content and design; returned the Property Professional magazine to print with an updated design and new features including #AssetManagement, Ask the Expert, and the Puzzle Challenge; enhanced social media presence with the addition of YouTube; implemented a full month of activities for Asset Management Awareness Month in 2015 and Fleet Management Awareness Month in 2016; and led the NPMA website re-design.

    With growing interest in asset management the coming years present great opportunity for NPMA. Effective marketing and brand awareness campaigns are critical to provide us with exposure to new constituencies, publicize our knowledgebase, and enhance our position as key industry leaders.

Mission and Goals:

    If re-elected as VP Communications, I will:

I appreciate your confidence in me to advance our profession!