Name: Gary Quinn

Position Sought:  Vice President, Finance

NPMA Certification Level:  CPPM

Chapter Affiliation:  Austin

Length of NPMA Membership:  16 years

Current Employer:  Retired

Statement of Experience

My educational background is in Accounting with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Management. Within NPMA, I have been a Chapter President and the Treasurer of Central Region for two terms. I am currently in my second term as the Vice President of Central Region. On a personal level, I have been on the Finance Committee at our last three churches over the last 20 years and was the Treasurer of one of the churches for four years. As such, I led the development of approximately $1 million dollar annual budgets, and successfully monitored and managed income and expenses. 

Mission and Goals:  Overseeing the records of all income and expenses and bank accounts in the name of NPMA, and issue periodic reports. My goal is to continue positive financial growth of NPMA through,

1) Projecting the financial growth and other significant financial developments; monitor compliance with policies.

2) Review financial status of the Organization, and provide counsel relative to the financial income and expenses compared to the budget, compliance with reserve policy, and cash flow issues.

3) Submit financial reports of budget versus income and expenses, and annual financial reports for the previous and current year, along with the financial budget for the following year, for presentation to and approval by the National Board at the annual   meeting.