Name: Bill Franklin

Position Sought: Eastern Region Vice President

NPMA Certification Level: CPPM

Chapter Affiliation: NOVA Chapter

Length of NPMA Membership: 19 years

Current Job Title: Manager of Asset Management

Employer: Noblis


Statement of Experience:

    I currently hold the positon of Eastern Region Secretary and have held several Chapter officer positions including Vice President, Treasurer and Delegate. I am the past Chairman of ATSM E53 Committee on Asset Management, a position I held for the past four years but have been involved with this committee since 2007. My leadership experience within NPMA at both the Region and Chapter level as well as ASTM have defined my style and approach to leadership: understanding the need, determining the path to fulfill the need, and finding the compromise to get it done.  

 Mission and Goals:

   My goals include continuing the open flow of communication from Chapters to National and National to Chapters. We have made great strides in communication and it can continue to improve. I will focus on: ensuring Chapters of the Eastern Region are properly represented in Chapter of the Year submissions as well as other key individual awards; and using the budgeted funds to give back to the Chapters through scholarships and support of Chapter events, even if it means nudging Chapters through the process as opposed to expecting independent action. Providing a voice for the Chapters at the National level and working with the Executive Board to continue to drive our organization forward is the Region’s mission, which if elected would be my mission.